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EV4: Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Educators Workshop

November 8, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Combined Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Educators Workshop

9 AM to 1 PM

Turning the Spotlight on Periodontics for Predoctoral Students

CE Credits: 3.0

Our schools are becoming increasingly diverse, not only in gender and ethnicity, but also in generational differences. Dental schools utilize various strategies and curricular activities to engage dental students for more effective education to promote Periodontics. Vertical integration of education between pre-doctoral and post-doctoral programs is a model that is frequently implemented among educators, and the outcome seems to be promising. This workshop will address how to turn the current generational differences into opportunities to increase the trends in Periodontics education programs and interest in our specialty.

Educational Objectives:
• Discuss generational diversity and the characteristics of each of these generational cohorts.
• Identify how to effectively communicate through generational differences and enhance engagement in periodontal knowledge.
• Explore how to bridge the gap between the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral curriculum to expose and educate dental students on more realistic Periodontics, not just limited to non-surgical treatment modalities.


Sangeetha Chandrasekaran

Lea Hachem

Philip Kang

Guo-Hao (Alex) Lin

Satish S. Kumar

Chia-Yu (Jennifer) Chen

Moderators: Drs. Lea El Hachem and Philip Kang

Predoctoral Educators Workshop

1 PM to 4 PM

Competencies Revisited: Entrustable Professional Activities

CE Credits: 3.0

This session will discuss the different methods used for clinical assessment at the level of the predoctoral education. We will identify the limitations of competency-based assessments, and the potential for implementation of innovative methods. While competency-based assessments target the level of proficiency of students, entrustable professional activities (EPA) have been utilized, especially in medicine, to translate competencies in a clinical setting and assess the entrustment decisions of students. This workshop session will introduce the EPA concept and its applications in predoctoral periodontal education.

Educational Objectives:
• Discuss the goals, accomplishments, and limitations of competency-based clinical competencies.
• Comprehend the concept of entrustable professional activities and its applications in predoctoral education.
• Develop EPA-based assessments and a plan of implementation in predoctoral dental education.


Caitlyn Darcey

Anuja Doshi

Alex Gillone

Phillip T. Marucha

Pinelopi Xenoudi

Moderator: Dr. Lea El Hachem

Postdoctoral Educators Workshop

1 PM to 4 PM

Development of a New Periodontal Literature Review List

CE Credits: 3.0

During this workshop, the educators will create a classic literature resource that will provide programs with one consistent document to use. This classic literature list should not be confused with the 1996 “Periodontal Literature Review” that is on the AAP website. The new resource will be a list of classic literature for program directors to include in their courses. Prior to the Annual Meeting, program directors will be contacted and selected for participation in the project. Topic areas will then be identified, and groups of participants responsible for each subject will select pertinent literature. During the meeting, following the presentation of the preliminary outcome, the list will be further updated and finalized.

Educational Objectives:
• Create a shared classic periodontal literature resource for program directors to use in their programs.
• Review the library of periodontal literature and select the literature that is best suited for the consensus list.


Effie Ioannidou

Moderator: Dr. Philip Kang



Thank you to Philips Oral Health Care for sponsoring this year’s Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Educator’s Workshop


November 8, 2023
9:00 am - 4:00 pm