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FCE10: The Winners Circle

November 12 @ 10:45 am - 12:15 pm


Shaima Bahammam (Research Forum Poster Session Competition – Basic Science)

Shayan Barootchi (Balint Orban Memorial Program – Clinical Science)

Riccardo Di Gianfilippo (Balint Orban Memorial Program – Basic Science)

Pantea Nazeman (Research Forum Poster Session Competition – Clinical Impact and Clinical Science)


Sukirth M. Ganesan


Investigations in the science of periodontology inform the next generation of clinical decisions and laboratory exploration. Promising findings in research explorations in turn help inspire innovations for clinical applications. This course will highlight some of the recent award-winning investigations, providing a sneak peek into future directions for discovery and development.


Educational Objectives

Pantea Nazeman
• Explore common AI models and their integration into clinical scenarios while identifying benefits, limitations, and challenges.
• Promote critical evaluation of AI technologies and applications in Periodontics.


Riccardo Di Gianfilippo
• Provide attendees with the tools and knowledge to proficiently interpret clinical and radiographic findings of peri-implantitis, enabling them to predict outcomes after surgical treatment and make informed decisions in clinical practice.
• Provide attendees with comprehensive insights into the latest advancements in research related to subclinical markers of peri-implant disease, enhancing the prediction of treatment outcomes and facilitating informed decision-making in clinical practice.


Shayan Barootchi
• Highlight very recent evidence and research on minimal-invasive treatment of gingival recessions and thus the implementation of biologically enhanced root coverage therapy.
• Showcase results from recently published human clinical studies and randomized clinical trials supporting the path of less invasive therapies for root coverage procedures and translation of those findings into daily clinical care among patients.


Shaima Bahammam
• Discuss the impact of RvE1 on inflammation resolution at the monocyte/macrophage level that may address major clinical complications of obesity and type-2 diabetes.
• Contribute to establishing the biologic basis for a potential therapeutic to reduce or eliminate complications of obesity and type-2 diabetes and their associated conditions including periodontitis.


November 12
10:45 am - 12:15 pm


American Academy of Periodontology