GS4: Periodontal Regeneration: Where Are We? 

Innovations in 3-D imaging of hard and soft tissues provides new opportunities for innovative design of biomaterials for tissue reconstructive procedures.

FCE10: The Winners Circle

This course will highlight some of the recent award-winning investigations, providing a sneak peek into future directions for discovery and development.

IP4: Perio Open Mic

This new IP format provides a platform to present a pivotal concept, perspective, or paradigm-shifting philosophy.

FCE9: The Ups and Downs of Crown Lengthening

Dr. Pick will discuss powerful management secrets to develop a highly-successful periodontal and implant practice. Dr. Toback will explore one of the most effective strategies of connecting with potential patients seeking the services we provide.

GS6: Is the Terminal Dentition Terminal?

This interactive session will explore some of the treatment options available for peri-implantitis. You, the audience, will be able to weigh in on which approach you would use.